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New Hampshire
Drag Strips

"The Hard Guys" A/FD, warming up his motor on the roller starter in the pits, New England Dragway,. Photographer unknown


  • New England Dragway, 1979
I did a lot of match racing on the east coast. We had a 1975 Ford F250 dualie pick-up truck, factory orange with black rally stripes and a 30 foot tag-along dragster trailer. We carried a spare engine, two transmissions, and tons of parts enough to fix most anything that failed during the meet  We ran heads up Pro Tree with the same weight breaks as Pro Comp and usually an 8 car field. We raced Saturday nights at Island Dragway and Sunday afternoon races at Englishtown once a month, then Connecticut Dragway and New England Dragway once a month, some extra events on the holiday weekends. We also ran at ATCO, Lebanon Valley and York early and late season. Believe it or not we had very few rain outs.
Bill Bradshaw
Bill Bradshaw and his "Viper" dragster, New England Dragway, 1979. Courtesy of Bill Bradshaw
  • New England Dragway, 1966
I raced my '57 Ford 312 C/Gas with a straight-axle front end at Epping Dragway the first year it opened and rolled the car over coming home when the tow bar broke.
Paul Maynard