Remembering . . .


Drag Strips

Earle Pflueger's 1965 427 Comet at Hawaii Raceway Park, ca. 1965. Photographer unknown


  • Hawaii Raceway Park, 1980s-1990s
I used to race at Hawaii Raceway on Oahu back in the '90s. I set the record for the first 750 motorcycle into the 10 seconds in 1986. In 1987 I had the first 750 into the 9 seconds. I raced against Hawaii's Okuhara brothers that are big-time crew chiefs in the NHRA today. In 1986, the weekend after the Race for the Rainbow with Roland Leong's "Hawaiian Punch" and Jim Dunn's "Fireman's Quickie" is when the record for the first 10-second 750 was done. In 1987 Tommy Miller raked the frame and helped me with the swingarm and Bill Bennet helped me with my engine work to get me as the first 750 into the 9's finally.  Todd Okuhara and I always faced each other in the Bracket 1 semi's or finals. We had a fierce rivalry as whenever we met on the track, we were always battling each other for the money. Pro Gas were bragging rights; brackets is where you could let it all hang out for the cash.  Today and for the past seventeen years, I produce Hawaii's only all-Hawaii motorsports TV program on broadcast station KFVE, which airs on the last Friday of the month, right after the KFVE News at 9 and repeats the next day, Saturday at 4 pm.
Tracy Arakaki
Tracy Arakaki with his 1983 Kawasaki GPZ 750. This is the bike that was the first 750 to get into 10s in 1986 at HRP. Courtesy of Tracy Arakaki
  • Hawaii Raceway Park, 1969-73
I was stationed at Hickam Air Field from August of 1969 thru January 1973. I owned a 1965 GTO and I used to race it every weekend at this drag strip. Some of the best days of my life.
Alvin Reedy


  • Kahuku Point Airfield, 1956-58
My father raced at Kahuku drag strip in Hawaii between 1956 and 1958.  His name is LeRoy Noker and he was in the Air Force and stationed at Hickam Air Force Base during those years.  Here are his memories that he shared with me after watching the 8mm video footage from your website:

“We raced in the A-gas street coupe class.  We raced a 1934 Ford coupe with a Chrysler Hemi, six Stromberg 97’s on top, a Flame-Thrower ignition, and we built our own headers.  We had a LaSalle transmission, a 411 rear, and we ran 110 in the quarter at Kahuku.  We had an Iskenderian fifth-cycle cam.  We’d put it in Saturday night, and race Sunday.  And beat everybody, including that Caddy '32 coupe.”
Shawn Noker
LeRoy Noker standing next to his 1947 Ford when he was in the Air Force in Hawaii. Courtesy of LeRoy Noker
LeRoy Noker's Hawaiian Timing Association membership cardi. Courtesy of LeRoy Noker