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District of Columbia
Drag Racing

Street racing, 1950s. Photographer unknown.

District of Columbia

  • Illegal street racing, 1960s

The primary "dragstrips" in our area were:

  • V-Street in DC (warehouse area with nobody around at night)
  • Perfect section of Route 29, a few miles NE from Silver Springs MD
  • Part of Route 50 before it was opened up
  • Section of Route 193 near University of Maryland
  • Section of East-West highway near PG Plaza

All of these "dragstrips" had a 1/4 mile marked off. My fourth hotrod, a 1935 Chevy with a highly modified Olds V8, was the quickest in the DC area in 1964. That same year, I set the DC beltway speed record:  135 mph average for one round trip.

Charlie Horton
1935 Chevrolet "Standard 2-door," with modified 396 Olds V-8 (12:1 pistons, et. al.), custom suspension, modified Hydromatic, etc.  Courtesy of Charlie Horton
  • Illegal street racing, 1960s

Charlie, you forgot to mention Wells Parkway in University Park. I remember when I first got your old Chevy in Beltsville. It was a complete stocker. That would have been around 1960?
Tom Bowler