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A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Historic and Bygone U. S. Drag Strips

 ​​​​​​​​​​​DRAG STRIP LIST

Includes Sanctioned, Independent, Outlaw, and Speedway Tracks

This is the most comprehensive listing of drag strips ever compiled. More than 1,000 drag strips, many long-closed, are numbered in this compilation. There are two main features in this encyclopedia: Location and Memories.

The LOCATION section contains the drag strip entries arranged by state, and therein, alphabetically by name of drag strip. On the LOCATION page, click on the state where the drag strip is located to go to that state's page. In each state, the first section lists all that state's drag strips in the chronological order in which they began operation. This listing is comprehensive. Then follows the entries for each drag strip in the state arranged in alphabetical order.  These entries only include the historic drag strips, i.e., those that are at least forty years old or are bygone strips. If the drag strip had no official name (or research was unable to determine it), the city near where it was located is named followed by a generic "Drag Strip" in quotes. Drag strips that are still operating presently, although not always continuously, in their original location are highlighted in the chronological listing. Entries offer an overview of the drag strip's history (with focus on the early years), a link to see it's location on a map, a link to share your MEMORIES  of that drag strip, and (when available) a link to view a YouTube video or listen to an old radio ad. Sources used in researching the drag strips primarily come from newspapers, combined with the Internet and you, the readers.

The condition of the old drag strips that have closed varies greatly. While some have been redeveloped and the old track completely obliterated, others are still intact. In those entries where the specific location of the historic drag strip is known, a code (numbering 1 thru 5) has been entered to identify the status, or present physical condition of the strip. The number designation in each entry is linked to the ABOUT page, where the meaning of each coded number (from 1 thru 5) is fully defined. In simple terms, the higher the number, i.e., 5, the more physical remnants of the old strip are still in place.

Historic drag strips, by definition for this encyclopedia, are at least forty years old, i.e., opened in 1978. Bygone drag strips, by definition, may not be very old, but no longer exist. For that reason, some drag strips that are still in operation, but not forty years old, may not have entries in this compilation--yet. But given time, they will be profiled in entries. The encyclopedia does not include venues for snowmobile or sand drags.

The MEMORIES section contains recollections and photos submitted by readers. On the MEMORIES page, click on the state to go to that state's drag strips to read/see what readers have submitted. If you have information to share, CONTACT us. Information may include corrections, additional input, or to share MEMORIES about a drag strip. You may also send a scan of a few photos or a scan of a document that will be uploaded to appear with the text of your memory. In order to comply with copyright considerations, the photo or document must be items only in your possession; no copying of photos from the Internet.
Mel Bashore , compiler